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bed tool box??

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I can't find a crossover side opening tool box anywhere to fit the 05 crew cabs. Do any of you know where I can? All I see are 60" (which is too short) and 70"+(which is too long). It needs to be about 65" to fit.

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thanks for the links. The box i tried to put on is 60"s in length. I have only 1/2 " on each side to keep the thing up there. Any movement and it falls into the bed even with it tightend as much as I could.

The length of the box must be at least 63" in length to work. I just can't find one that is around 63" - 66". 60 is to short and 70 sticks out from the sides by a couple inches.

This blows cause I really need a box to fit. argghhhhhh!!!!!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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