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I am new here with a new Frontier. I have a steelhorse brand bed extender from my Colorado I just traded. I took it off after doing the deal when I went back home for title to my old truck but didn't have time to take off the brackets from the bed. I then test fitted it to the new Frontier-not wide enough (wait, there is more...). Off to the dealer for a Nissan bed extender! In putting it together, I discovered that the bed extender tubes slide into each other, therefore my original would fit. I like the new one better (fits into track).

So, I have a powdercoat silver, used bed extender sans brackets (available for $15 here: )

It is very functional, just not new (a few scratches here and there). I can fully break it down to fit it into a box ~2x2x1ft for shipping with an est wt of 10-12lbs. My zip is 65807.

$50 plus actual shipping.
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