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I have a bed extender from my VTP (no brackets; already sold those) and one split-spoke wheel for the 2014+ Frontier SVs.

They are both in my storage locker located in Camarillo, CA 93010, so I'll take some photos this weekend if anyone is interested.

The bed extender is the newer one that is more V-shaped than U-shaped. It's from my '16 VTP. No real damage or use from what I remember. Again, no brackets as I already sold those. I removed the bed extender shortly after I bought the truck with 17k miles. It is partially disassembled for storage. If you want to pick it up locally, I'll reassemble it. If you want me to ship it, I will probably completely disassemble it to save on shipping costs, and label all the parts.

The wheel is boxed up and ready to go. There wasn't any significant damage from what I recall. I traded my OEM spare steelie to a fellow member for it, with the intent of having two matching spares. I already have one matching spare and don't go off road as much as I used to, so I never got around to mounting a tire to it.

$90 OBO for each + shipping. Again, located in Camarillo CA. If you want to pick it up locally, you're meeting me at the storage facility. I can be there on the weekends with a 1-day notice.
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