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BD Performance Testing Software download

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Bully Dog Technologies

i noticed bully dog has a new performance testing software you can download to your pc and pull up to 20 data logs of performance tests from your bully dog programmer and put them onto your pc so you can analyze them in more detail.

"With the software you will be able to: graph speed, rpm, horsepower and torque. You can also output raw data into excel, print drag racing time slips, and save and rename all tests. Output up to 20 tests at one time."

now everyone knows that the numbers aren't going to be the most accurate but if its consistent in its lack of accuracy it is still going to show a good idea of what the changes you make to your truck have yielded weather it be a gain or a loss of performance and it should show you where the mod helped or hurt you. i just downloaded it and i think i'm going to scope out a nice strait no traffic road in my area and log some runs play around with this software. probably put it back complete stock and do 10 runs, then run home and put it on the set up i have it at now and do 5 runs then maybe 5 runs with the timing stock and see what it all looks like on the new software. i want to do the most runs on the stock tune to get a good base line average to go off of.

what do you all think? it would also be cool to see others get some data logged and see what they come up with
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i'll be looking around the next couple days for a good spot to do it at thats long enough, as flat and as strait as possible with little to no traffic and hopefully i'll be able to have some data sometime next week to share.

if anyone else logs some runs and messes around with with this new software make sure you post it up too!
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