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Bay Area meet

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Thinking about getting another meet started for February 14th. Its a sunday so start clearing the schedule. Thinking about doing a day run to Hollister hills or Carnagie for a day run. Other ideas could be meeting up at a sonics or in n out or something and just having some food and beers and be able to check out each others trucks and see what others around us are doing.
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I be thinking Carnagie is closed. Plus that is Valentines day, and if I go you have to buy me Birthday Presents.

I'll start the list with 16" remote res shocks, Threaded body or Bypass, 2.5" minimum diameter

JD2 tube notcher

4.88 r&p plus master install kit, with notched cross shafts for an 8.8 Ford

Steering wheel quick disconnect

Pair of beard race seats with sliders, and harnesses

Detroit soft locker for a ford 9" 31 spline

should I keep going or are you getting the Idea
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Awww, c'mon!! Why does it hafta be so far away?! I would roll but that would be a heck of a day ride. Don't think I'd have a girlfriend anymore either. Sorry guys, it's a no-go....
I might be able to do Holister on the 14 or 21
If so i think you should bring your laptop with you so we can try my 2 degree advance again.
Hollister the 21st sounds good.. if it's not been rained on too much...

Hey Wolfman how much lift you running up front?
cst spindles n rancho struts, so supposed to be 6.5, but lose some because of the bumper.
Thanks Wolfman, just wonderin'. I got >6" front and 5" back now don't like the way it feels up there... comin' down this week. lol

Is Carnigie still gonna still appeal? or is it done with?
the court date for it got post poned. so as far as i know its still up in the air. What set you do you have?
Too bad.. sounds like the CA. pollution laws won.
I bought UXArmy's 2.5s and asked Greg to shorten em', 600lb. springs have me sit'n too high. going to 500s.
Your alignment at 0* camber and hardly any caster huh?

Yeah! let's set up a Hollister run!
weak sauce. Im down for a hollister run though as long as it doesnt rain to much.

as far as my alignment i have no idea. I havent had it on a rack in some time.
I would come but no money and no time this month got a working SAS and no time to try it out downside no fast stuff for me but might be able to outcrawl the mutt
hey off topic but do any of you local fellas have a set of 2"-3" spacers layin around i can borrow for a few weeks ill pay shipping here and back i just dont wanna shell out $60 for ebay spacers i need to get my radflo's off to greg so he can freshen them up for sale :)i also have a set of ac 1.5" shackles if anyone wanted to trade
Hey guys, what about Frank Raines OHV near Patterson. Its about a hour drive from Fremont.. and the pics and vids I found on you-tube look pretty decent. Im tryin to get my cousin to go out there tomorrow. I been overworking myself like crazy and I need a few hours away from everything lol
If so i think you should bring your laptop with you so we can try my 2 degree advance again.
Could try the 2 degree again (haven't hooked up Cipher in a while)...

I'm up for either place, and looking forward to strapping some nissans!
HAHA, well hook that shyt up an see if theres any updates. Hopefully it will work this time. Talk about an upset the last time we tried.
So, we gonna shoot for a Sunday, Feb. 21st run?
Cool.. I was plannin' on throwin' the swampers on that weekend anyhow.
Start a "meet" thread or just keep bump'n this one?
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