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Battery or Starter?

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Spent the past hour on this forum looking for an answer as to why my truck wouldn't start tonight. I ran across 3-4 thread in regards to people having the exact same issue as I am having.

I put the key in the ignition. Turn it to power and get headlights, radio, shows battery power on the volt meter. As soon as I click it over to start the truck I dont get any power from the motor, just the starter click and the fluttering speedo guages.

Again, this has been posted 3-4 times back in 2008/2009, but the OP were nice enough to never post up again on what fixed it, or what they did to get on the road again.

I had to leave for work @ 7:30 tonight so i borrowed a car and bought a 24F600PS PROSTART Battery from Pep Boys on my way to work. So I am hoping it's a bad battery cell.

It wasn't a loose cable. I tugged pretty good on my cables and they didn't budge. I guess the only thing I can do is just wait till i get home at 6:30 tomorrow morning and try the new battery. Anyone have input on what else it might be?

..and don't worry. WHEN i get it fixed i will post up saying how i got it working.

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What type of driving do you do? IIRC, it takes about 20-30mins of driving to recharge the battery from single start. If you have a short commute, the battery may never totally recharge. Or, your alternator may be dying, have you had it checked to see if it's still good?
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