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Battery or Starter?

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Spent the past hour on this forum looking for an answer as to why my truck wouldn't start tonight. I ran across 3-4 thread in regards to people having the exact same issue as I am having.

I put the key in the ignition. Turn it to power and get headlights, radio, shows battery power on the volt meter. As soon as I click it over to start the truck I dont get any power from the motor, just the starter click and the fluttering speedo guages.

Again, this has been posted 3-4 times back in 2008/2009, but the OP were nice enough to never post up again on what fixed it, or what they did to get on the road again.

I had to leave for work @ 7:30 tonight so i borrowed a car and bought a 24F600PS PROSTART Battery from Pep Boys on my way to work. So I am hoping it's a bad battery cell.

It wasn't a loose cable. I tugged pretty good on my cables and they didn't budge. I guess the only thing I can do is just wait till i get home at 6:30 tomorrow morning and try the new battery. Anyone have input on what else it might be?

..and don't worry. WHEN i get it fixed i will post up saying how i got it working.

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My guess is the battery.
Just because you have lights etc. doesn't mean the battery has enough CCAs to turn over the truck properly (if it's failing).
How old is the battery?
Good luck and let us know the outcome.
The Frontier lives again!

Turns out it was just a crap battery. Started instantly on first turn. Felt good hearing the rawr of my banks 3"

Thanks for all your input.

Awesome news.
Welcome back to the land of running trucks . . lol.
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