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Has anyone ever gone from the basic radio to a fully loaded factory option radio? I have the basic single disc, 6 station radio. I was given this fully loaded radio, has map and Bluetooth not to mention a few other things as well. I was lucky enough to get all but 2 bulkhead connectors, but with wires cut which shouldn't be any problem. Anyone know of a harness or something that'd make this work? Or is there already connectors in the dash like other options..? I have my entire dash out so it'll be easy to find them if so.
The radio antenna has a completely different plug on the new one so that's why I'm wondering if there's a harness or something..

Any help or links would be awesome!
My trucks a '06 frontier 4 banger 5 speed manual. It came out of a pathfinder, unsure of year but it has full tags so I will find out. Has many more connectors.
Thanks in advance!

Back of my radio

Back of new radio


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The antenna shouldn't be an issue, you can find adapters for it on Amazon and such. As far as making the unit work, to my knowledge there are no full adapters (plug in play). You probably going to have to go pin for pin and do some crimp/soldering. Get a pinout for the radio you have and pinout for the new one and compare. I imagine you'll be missing a few wires entirely for the new unit so you'll need to improvise or live with some features not working.

EDIT: In my big audio sticky I have a pinout diagram for your radio. You would just need to find the one for the new unit and compare
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