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I bought my new 2019 Nissan Frontier Pro4X in April of 2019 from Barrie Nissan; Barrie On Canada.
My wife and i took quite a long time coming to the decision of buying a truck at all, but we have a vacation property 4 hours away from where we live and I need to be able put our boat in and out of the water all season. We carrie a lot of propane and fuel as well and it's a little scary transporting this as well as a full tank for fuel in one car. Like driving a little bomb. So we decided to get a small but useful truck.

The sales person at Barrie Beth was the best part of this experience up until we made the sale and went to pick up the truck.
On the day before delivery the dealer called and said the truck would not be ready as the cover was leaking. Why they didn't check this before I don't know. An hour later another call saying they made a mistake and my truck was fine if was another customers Titan that had an issue. OK
The day of delivery I was the first of many evidently, Beth was obviously rushed. The truck appeared to be ready and we went through everything very quickly and soon I was to be on my way. Except....The truck would not start. Really!
From their chaos ensued. Beht was gone and I had to deal with a host of idiots doing whatever they could to get me out of the door.
2 hours later I was away. Only to discover that the truck had damage to the left back door. Small mind you and I didnt see it until it was on the lift getting rust proofed.

This is my 3rd Nissan; 2 cars and now the Frontier. I will never go back to this dealer for sales or service and have found many other customers with similar experiences after the fact. I take my truck to the next town now or my own mechanic. I am a fan of Nissan products but please stay away from the Barrie dealership! There is no value for the money here. Try the dealer in Orillia ON instead. Much more professional.
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