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Bank's Power Exhaust

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Just got off the phone with bank's power and they are now taking pre orders for their new exhaust for 2005 frontys. The titan guys love them and i hear nothing but good things from other users of their product. It is a little on the expensive side but on par with other all stainless steel exhaust and this exhaust is tailor engineried for the best performance for the fronty. They have not updated their website but if you call they will be able to tell you all about it. The exhaust will ship starting Monday 14nov05.
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LOL, word got out before I had a Chance, Yes they are now available, the Banks Monster exhaust for the Frontier, I was hoping for a pic from Banks before putting them up on the website, but you are looking at about 530.00 shipped.
I will have more information shortly!!
According to Banks it will be 12 hp

By the way, these are shipping now and cost from would be:
515.00 shipped.
Ok, I have to apologize, because Banks is not releasing much info on these yet, since I am one of their Top Nissan sales accounts, they let me know before they offical launch,
but it is a Cat Back 3" stainless steel system, with polished muffler and tip..

it is a single in single out system, and sounds similar to the Titan sound, with a bit more raspiness....

I will be happy to post some pictures as soon as they are available, one of our memebers has purchased one already, and I am hoping they chime in, when they receive theirs....
Here is the info direct from Banks:
The Banks Monster exhaust is now available for the 2005 Nissan Frontier 4.0L V6. The 3” stainless steel mandrel-bent exhaust system is designed to be a direct-fit, bolt-on system that flows 104% more than the stock factory exhaust while reducing backpressure by more than 93%. Engineered to use the stock hangers, ground straps and rear balancer, Banks Monster exhaust replaces the crimped 2 1/4- inch stock exhaust with an all-stainless steel system that uses larger diameter pipes, optimizing exhaust flow. As a result, the 2005 Nissan Frontier is able to produce more power with less work, reducing 0-60 MPH times by 0.39 seconds. The Monster Exhaust features a Banks and ultra-low restriction, 3-inch, straight-through, heavy-gauge polished stainless Monster muffler that outflows the stock muffler by 183% while providing the Banks Power sound. It also includes a cool 4-inch polished stainless, rolled-edge, air-cooled tailpipe tip. The entire system is backed with a Lifetime Warranty, and is fully compatible with Nissan's factory warranty.

Includes: Stainless, 3" straight-through polished-stainless Monster muffler; Stainless, 3" constant-diameter Monster Y-pipe and tailpipe; Polished-stainless, 4" rolled-edge, air-cooled tailpipe tip; Owner's Installation Manual


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Thanks for the Compliments, I try to make it easy and comfortable, besides, as much business as you do, I have to take care of you!!

I don't know, but I doubt it, closed back trucks like the path and the X will invite a nasty drone....
Yes it is bolt on, some guys have welded the pipe together but it is not needed.
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