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banks exhaust

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Is it true that you can lose a little of your low end power when you go with an exhaust with to low of back pressure?
Has anyone noticed this with the banks exhaust?

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Thanks for all of your imput
I think that will help me make a decision.
It is very difficult to decide which exhaust to use when you don't have any
numbers infront of you to compare.
I am starting to get the feeling that an aftermarket exhaust will most likely lower your gas mileage without much or any horsepower gains.

I am a little skeptical because my last vehicle (a 1995 bronco) actually felt more slugish when the less restrictive exhaust was put on. Granted a local muffler shop fabricated the entire kit.

I just have a hard time believing that $400-600 worth of exhaust is really going to be worht it.

Maybe the CAI systems everyone is raving about would be a better way to go.

From what I've been told, it's because companies are using 3" pipes on a V6 that the low end torque is being lost, however, high end gain will be there. I think a mandrel bent 2.5" system of a 2.25" into 2.5" single would give HP gains without loss of low end torque. I'm still debating on which way to go. From what I've see of the stock system, the stock "Y" pipe seems to be very restrictive. Magnaflow makes a 2.25" in 2.5" out "Y" that Autoanything sells for $25.00. I'm wondering if just replacing the stock "Y" with this piece would give any noticable improvements? Here's a Pic:

I think you might get a slight gain, but honestly I don't really think you will feel any improvement.
but I have been wrong before.
I do think you are on to something. The diameter of the pipe, and the amount of back pressure is very important to whether you get gains or losses in your power band and also where in your power band you get them.

That makes sense
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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