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banks exhaust

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Is it true that you can lose a little of your low end power when you go with an exhaust with to low of back pressure?
Has anyone noticed this with the banks exhaust?

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This is a very interesting topic. I went with the stock pipe to the back cats on my
truck and then they ran a 2 1/4" pipe into a pair of 12" resonators. From there it
went into a 22" dual in dual out Flo-Pro muffler. They used a pair of 2 1/4 tailpipes
back to a 3 1/4 od double wall ss tip.

Does the size of the tailpipe effect the gasoline mileage as it does the torque? I lost
a couple of mpg with my exhaust system. Not sure if it is the true duals that caused
that or something else.

You might look at the installation write up the Mike3_21_21 did for us on the Volant CAI's we just bought. Volant just encloses a spec sheet showing what is included,
but no instructions on how to install it on our trucks.

You might talk with Volant about including his instructions with their Frontier kits. I
think he is going to rewrite the instructions to make them a little easier to follow. i
would think Volant would be glad to get this sort of information and maybe get some
sort of refund on his kit for the work he went to to get this information to those of us
who are not sure enough of ourselves to just start pulling things off of our trucks.

His instructions have made me feel comfortable with the Volant installation. I was cer-
tainly having a time trying to figure out how to get some of the plastic pieces off of my
truck until he showed me how to do it.

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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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