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banks exhaust

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Is it true that you can lose a little of your low end power when you go with an exhaust with to low of back pressure?
Has anyone noticed this with the banks exhaust?

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It is very true that you can lose a ton of low end torque with too big of an exhaust system. Anything bigger than 2.5" is way to big for the 4.0L Frontier and will lose low end torque and throttle response.

What pipe size should I use for a street application?
In general, the following guidelines should be applied for street applications.

2" tubing up to 100 hp per pipe

2.25" tubing up to 160 hp per pipe

2.5" tubing up to 200 hp per pipe

3" tubing up to 300 hp per pipe

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Hello Paul,

We have not found the perfect combination as of yet. However the biggest the system should ever be is 2.5". Even if you went with a 2.25" it would still be ok.

I will see if I can find a better chart with pipe diameter vs. cubic inches.

1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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