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banks exhaust

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Is it true that you can lose a little of your low end power when you go with an exhaust with to low of back pressure?
Has anyone noticed this with the banks exhaust?

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I just installed my banks exhaust. Well start up sounded really good, its loud but not too loud. I drove around the city a little and it has a drone at about 2k-2500 rpm, that I could see it being too loud but it doesnt bother me too much, my older truck was alot louder. Other than that Im a happy person. Once I drive on the highway, I will post about the sound. Thanks Paul!
I really like this exhaust! On highway you really dont hear it, and it looks like my MPG went up, but I will have to check it!
Maybe later I will make the rear section 2.5 inches and see if that would help the low end torque, but I didnt feel that I lost any for some reason.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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