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Ban Off Roading?????!!!

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I know this thread is gonna blow up...
These people are such rehtards...

Read through the intro of this site and watch their video...

Thrillcraft - The Environmental Consequences of Motorized Recreation:thatswck:
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not as much as you think. there are so many programs set in place so that offroaders take care of the land. and WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY to many people have privately owned land for any of that to happen.
So if the hippies ban our off roading? can we ban their music festivals and mobil home parks?

We should get together an ban prius'
exactly because those thing are an ecological nightmare when the batteries finnaly wont take a charge anymore. all that lead will have to go some where. and as for the 3rd gen prius with the lithium ion cells, those dont last forever either...
i love being rude and tromping over bushes! while i'm out there, i usually try to find a couple of animals to kill for no reason. bald eagle omeletts are delicious!
oh yea, check out my new truck;
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bald eagle omelets. thats pricelss. I did however kill a squirrel the other day. It decided to run out in the middle of the street an stare at my skid plate.
and going offroading is great because i get to get rid of my junk in the forrest without having to pay to take it to the dump!
lets all head out to the desert and burn a few old VW engine blocks, have us a nice bonfire with old gasoline and some giant redwoods.
heck, lets jus wheel into the redwood forest and drive over all the future trees and dump our used motor oil and old truck parts.
Anthrax Case Linked to Drumming Circle, New Hampshire Officials Say
New York Times ^ | December 30, 2009 | Amy Goodnough
Posted on Wed Dec 30 2009 22:13:57 GMT+0300 (Arab Standard Time) by La Lydia

BOSTON — A New Hampshire woman who is critically ill with gastrointestinal anthrax most likely swallowed spores while participating in a community drumming circle, state health officials said Tuesday...The woman was among some 60 people who attended the drumming session on Dec. 4 at the United Campus Ministry near the University of New Hampshire in Durham...Investigators found traces of anthrax on two African drums and an electrical outlet in the room where the event took place, Dr. Talbot said, and are theorizing that the woman swallowed spores that were aerosolized by the drumming. The state has not identified the woman because of privacy concerns.

Dr. Talbot said the anthrax detected on the drums was a naturally occurring strain that frequently appears in soil. Animals that ingest contaminated soil can pass the disease to people who handle their hides. Most of the drums at the session were made with animal hides, she said...

The ministry advertised the Dec. 4 event on its Web site as a drum circle and pasta supper. Julie Corey, a drumming teacher who led the session, said the victim had danced that night instead of drumming. “She was the first to get up and dance,” Ms. Corey recalled, adding that she thought the woman was a graduate student at another college. “She’s a vital young woman, from what I’ve seen of her — a strong-spirited person.”...

In 2007, two people in Connecticut were treated for cutaneous anthrax traced to animal hides used to make African drums. And in 2006, a drum maker in New York contracted inhalation anthrax. All three survived...

(Excerpt)
I say if they are going after things we love we go after things they love.. is available....
Did you see the suggested fact that a PWC dumps 3-4 gallons of oil and gas in the water during a 1-2 hour ride? Where the hell do these people come up with these facts?

IMHO, if you drive your car offroad in a state park where it isn't allowed, I hope they throw the book at ya. But as long as it isn't breaking the law, what the hell is there to b!tch about?
AAAhhh... Sweet sound of opposition...
In the video they also contradict themselves they say that driving offroad creates trails that create water channels and causes erosion and then they said wheeling over trails compacts the dirt and causes natural erosion to stop. WTF???!!
tread lightly, nough said.
anyone want to go thrillcrafting and blindly and recklessly destroy things?

i'll bring the hookers and beer!
Lets go dude, next saturday. I'll bring a bedload of trash to dump on the trail and remove my cats
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