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Bak flip g2 aliminium

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I'm currently looking for a solid tonneau cover for my 09 crew cab short bed. I want a folding or roll away one to be able to make full use of the bed. I've searched and found a bunch of comments on the bak flip g2 and most seem to love them however there are some that have issues which may or may not be fixed with the new aluminium version.
So anyone with the new aluminium version have any comments to share would be great.
thanks in advance.:)
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I've had the Bak Flip G2 aluminium for almost a year. It is flat out awesome. The problems they had with the G1 have been fixed. I did have one problem that took 5 minutes to fix. The pull cord used to unlock on of the cover section broke free from the fastner. I grabed a pair of pliers, put the cord into the fastner and crimped it down again. Eight monthly later, it is still holding. The Bak Flip isn't 100% watertight, but it is pretty close. Water comes in at the corners of the tailgate. The G2 is sturdy, makes the truck look great and is highly functional. Just last night I needed to haul a stove home. I flipped the cover up in about 5 seconds, loaded the stove and off I went. If I were to buy a cover again, I'd buy the G2 without hesitation. Good luck.
Thank RockHopper that is what i wanted to hear. Now i just need to go order it.
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