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Bad U-Joints front and rear

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Hi all,

I took my truck to the dealership because of the leaking pinion seal and driveline vibration. I could wiggle the driveshaft back and forth. The dealer says both the front and rear U-joints need replaced and so does the axle seal. To top it off the mechanic said there is a small leak in the bottom of the radiator - which would not be covered under the powertrain warrenty (obviously).

I have almost 57k on the truck and it has been used as a commuter vehicle - never towed, only lightly wheeled, etc. This seems like a lot of stuff to be breaking considering its an 06.

Have these been prevalent problems/any thoughts on Nissan's quality or lack of? I used to have a 94 Hardbody that I used to beat the pi$$ out of and never had 1 problem with it - I am kinda disappointed.
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Have these been prevalent problems/any thoughts on Nissan's quality or lack of?
I guess nobody has properly welcomed you. You may find that it is best to spend some time using the "search" function when you have issues with your truck. You would be amazed on how much info is out there from other owners.

Now, since your rear axle was leaking I am going to assume you have the m226 (Any Nismo or 6m). You may want to search for the 'axle vent mod' so that you don't have that issue again.

You mentioned that both your front and rear U-joints are bad. This once again is a common thing. You may want to search for "u-joint replacement' and see what comes up. I quick overview is that Nissan uses sealed units that just go bad and can not be re-greased over time.

Now if you have any other issues, take an hour or so and read and read and read. The 2nd gen Frontiers have been around since 05 and a lot of members have put them thru very different situations and most problems have been seen by now.
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