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Bad U-Joints front and rear

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Hi all,

I took my truck to the dealership because of the leaking pinion seal and driveline vibration. I could wiggle the driveshaft back and forth. The dealer says both the front and rear U-joints need replaced and so does the axle seal. To top it off the mechanic said there is a small leak in the bottom of the radiator - which would not be covered under the powertrain warrenty (obviously).

I have almost 57k on the truck and it has been used as a commuter vehicle - never towed, only lightly wheeled, etc. This seems like a lot of stuff to be breaking considering its an 06.

Have these been prevalent problems/any thoughts on Nissan's quality or lack of? I used to have a 94 Hardbody that I used to beat the pi$$ out of and never had 1 problem with it - I am kinda disappointed.
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