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Hey guys

Been reading up on this issue but I can't find anyone with this same set of problems. They're a little weird and I've been chasing it for a few months now so I'm hoping someone smarter than me can pinpoint it.

-Clunking while coming to a stop (not after stopping). While going maybe 5 mph coming up to a light I will get a dull clunk-clunk-clunk that I can feel in the truck. It sounds like its coming from the rear (def not the spare tire as it's multiple clunks) but it is hard to tell because the sound transmits all through the cab.

-Clunk on takeoff. After I release the brake pedal, but ONLY when I touch the gas, I'm getting a clunk. Doesn't matter if I punch it or feather the gas, it's there.

-The clunking seems to happen a lot more when the truck is hot. Either if I've been driving a while and it's up to temp or if the weather is really hot that day.

-Whirring sound at 45 mph and up. This has only manifested in the last week or so and it sounds like the classic "your diff is dying" type sound. It's not super loud, but It's there. If I let off the gas there is sort of a whomp-whomp-whomp sound that goes along with the whirr as well. Pitch changes with speed.

-Truck shuddering on takeoff. Also general vibes at 30+ mph I can feel in the seat and the wheel. Maybe unbalanced tires but I wouldn't think they would cause a shudder too. Going to get those re-balanced since Walmart (ugh) did a terrible job.

What I've Done:
-All u-joints replaced. I even dropped the front driveshaft to eliminate that as a possibility. No change.
-Had a shop press on a new carrier bearing since I don't have a press. I used a pretty cheap bearing so maybe it's gone out again (???) although there's very little play in it.
-Front brakes and rotors done; pads were done twice because at first I thought my clunks were the pads. No change there either. Calipers are torqued to spec and tight.
-Repacked wheel bearings since they were due anyways. Looks ok.
-Upper/Lower balljoints done about 6 months ago because the boots were shot. Swaybar bushings done then as well.
-Pulled one drum apart and it looked OK to me- plenty of life on the pads and nothing obviously blown apart clunking around in there.
-Drain/refill rear diff. I have the LSD model so unfortunately can't open it up, but I didn't see any shavings or anything in the fluid.

Lots of info but my problem is very strange so I figured I'd throw it all in there. Not sure if these are multiple problems or one but I'm def suspecting a bad diff...kind of at a loss though. Any thoughts? How could I check either diff if they are sealed?

Thanks guys
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