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Back-up Sensor Install

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I just completed the installation of my first mod! I installed a reverse sensor on my truck. It went pretty weel, but it would have been nice if the wires were longer. It's the system where the sensors are in the liscense plate frame, and all told, it works quite well. I got the sustem that just has the audio, not the visual sensor.

I had to install the control module behind the inside paneling in the corner next to the driver side jump seat. It was a pain getting the panels off, but there was an access hole to the cab at that point so I took advantage of it. I really wanted the control module and the audio beeper under the dash, but the wires just weren't long enough and I didn't want to splice the wires. With the control module whiere I placed it, there was enough wire to reach the module from the license plate following the existing wireing harness, and enough wire to reach the tow package wireing harness where I spliced into the back-up light wire, and enough wire on the audio beeper to run that wire up under the dash where the sound is clear. The installation did not require any drilling, cutting or other otherwise damaging acts to the truck!

Now I can back into the garage and my parking spot at work without fear of scraping the back bumper! BTW, when the beeping goes steady, there is about one foot between the bumper and the wall, just about perfect!

One other thing I do want to do to make it complete, I want to purchase a switch like the ones that control the locking rear axle, the bed light, etc, and wire it in line with the speaker, that way if I'm backing with a trailer I can disable the speaker and not have to listed to the beep. But for now it's working just fine, so that project can wait till another day.
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Not sure what's been popping up on E-Bay. I git this one from (or something similar, I'll have to check to make sure when I get home. If you choose to purchase from them, take the survey about the site before you order and get $12.00 off! There was no tax and shipping is free through the end of June. The owner of the company is very responsive! I originally placed the order and then noticed the survey with the $12.00 off, cancelled the first order and placed the second using the discount code, then e-mailed them to ensure I was charged twice. They responded within a couple of hours and this was on a Saturday! They also provided a tracking number upon request, and even ran the query and provided the results in the e-mail! Their Customer service is awesome! Not sure you'd get that same level of customer support from an E-Bay Vendor.
I chose the license plate model just because I really didn't want to drill four holes in the bumper of my new truck! I have an Explorer that has the factor installed sensors and they work great. In fact after getting used to them, I find I can't live without them (I back into a parking space at work that's up against a very unforgiving concrete wall!). I was a little sceptical of the license plate mounted sensors just because of the close proxcimity of all four sensors, but this setup has worked flawlessly for me!
:oops: Thanks! I wonder if I should have waitied a bit and got a bigger discount? Glad I could help spread the word about a great product, and I hope others enjoy these great discounts!
Not a big deal, I'm happy with the product and the outstanding service! I look at it like tipping an exceptional waiter/waitress at a restaraunt, if the food is good and the service is exceptional, I'm willing to pay a bit more!

I also think it's great that ibdezign extended the discount to everyone on this forum, that's a great benefit to anyone looking for a back-up assist for their truck!

I'm a firm believer in word of mouth advertising, and I'm quick to compliment great service and good products, but at the same time, I don't hold back if I've been burned either! That's what makes these Forums so great, instant feedback and the sharing of excellent sources for great aftermarket parts!

Congratulations! I think you'll find the install to be a piece of cake! Do you have the King Cab or the Crew Cab? I think the install on the Crew Cab would be a bit esier just because the truck has a shorter bed and you'll have more options as where you can mount the control module. On the King Cab, I had to mount it behind the rear kick panel next to the driver's side jump seat. There was just enough wire length to mount it there and run the wires to back of the truck, but no extra. I spliced into the reverse light wire off the trailer tow wiring harness because it had the easiest access. If you remove the driver's side jump seat and the panel that covers the seatbelt mechinism you'll see a small plastic plug in the back side of the cab. I drilled a hole through the center of the plug, fed the wires through and then sealed it of with RTV after the wires were connected and secured. The only complaint I really have is the loudness of the warning tone, I have to turn down the radio to really hear it as I back into the garage. This may have to do with where I mounted the speaker under the dash. Other than that it works great!
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How'd I know you'd ask me that? Unfortunately, I don't remember! I can tell you that the center pin in the electrical receiver is the back-up lights (that is also marked on the diagram printed on the little flip up cover as well, so check and make sure my memory isn't completely shot!! I disconnected the connector on the back (actually to one side) of the wiring receiver and used a meter to determine which pin out corresponded with the back-up light connector and found the corresponding wire coming from the connector, followed it back to the point right before that wiring harness feeds into the bigger one. I spliced it at that point and wrapped everything nice and tight with electrical tape. I used a small bolt, nut and lock washer to attach the ground wire to the underside of the bed. As you look along the underside of the rear of the bed you'll see a few small holes that will work fine for this purpose. This way, I only had to splice one wire and put a hole in one small plastic grommet to accomplish the entire installation. I used small tie wraps to secure the wires to the top side of the existing wiring harness that runs the entire length of the bed on the drivers side. It took me a couple of hours to finish it, but I was taking my time and laid out all the wires first to make sure I had ample length to get everything connected without having to put any more splices in the wires to lengthen them. Hope this helps!
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