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Back-up Sensor Install

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I just completed the installation of my first mod! I installed a reverse sensor on my truck. It went pretty weel, but it would have been nice if the wires were longer. It's the system where the sensors are in the liscense plate frame, and all told, it works quite well. I got the sustem that just has the audio, not the visual sensor.

I had to install the control module behind the inside paneling in the corner next to the driver side jump seat. It was a pain getting the panels off, but there was an access hole to the cab at that point so I took advantage of it. I really wanted the control module and the audio beeper under the dash, but the wires just weren't long enough and I didn't want to splice the wires. With the control module whiere I placed it, there was enough wire to reach the module from the license plate following the existing wireing harness, and enough wire to reach the tow package wireing harness where I spliced into the back-up light wire, and enough wire on the audio beeper to run that wire up under the dash where the sound is clear. The installation did not require any drilling, cutting or other otherwise damaging acts to the truck!

Now I can back into the garage and my parking spot at work without fear of scraping the back bumper! BTW, when the beeping goes steady, there is about one foot between the bumper and the wall, just about perfect!

One other thing I do want to do to make it complete, I want to purchase a switch like the ones that control the locking rear axle, the bed light, etc, and wire it in line with the speaker, that way if I'm backing with a trailer I can disable the speaker and not have to listed to the beep. But for now it's working just fine, so that project can wait till another day.
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Reverse Backing System

Thanks for the post 05_NISMO_4x4. Just ordered my License Plate Audible System (Order # 17).
ibdezign, thanks for your response and discount offer. Looking forwrd to getting and installing my system.
Thanks for the info, Paul! I have the Crew Cab, so I hope it will be an easier install. I have the 7-pin Harness for my hitch, which wire (color) shall I use for the power?
Thanks, Paul. I'll find out sooner or later as soon as my order arrives.
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