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back up lite switch

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my back up lites do not work. this seems to be a common problem with frontiers. 2004 4 cl, 5 spd. i have been advised to change the switch at the tranny. my question, is the switch on the side of the tranny or on the top? i can see the one on the side and it is easy access. this of course leads me to believe the switch is on the top, which is harder to access. anyone done this? does anyone have a part number?thanks
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Looks like the switch is on the side near the top. You can disconnect the harness from it and see if it's bad with a continuity checker.

In reverse there should be continuity
Any other gear there shouldn't be continuity

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If you click on the Illustration link on the Courtesy Nissan page, the diagram for your truck is the second one from the top. Look at the left side of the picture for part 32005.
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