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i need to turn off my brain.!!!!!

anyhow, seeing how the O2 mod removes the sensor from the exhaust stream to correct for a p0430 or p0420 (bad catalytic) code, you could eliminate all of your cats and run straight pipe right from the manifolds.

there are two types of manifolds. one has the bolt an cat for 6 and 4 cylinder and the other is one piece with cat attached to the manifold.

would you expect to see an increase in performance or hp by running straight pipes from the manifold? i say this because i have seen the posts about adding headers and having to bang this and bend that to get them to fit.

so since right now, my truck was throwing both codes stating my cats were bad and not cleaning my exhaust. i did the mod and spaced out the sensors and removed the codes. this is essentially the same idea as stated above but with bad cats in place of the straight pipes.

yes i know the cats could clog and the engine not run. i still need to fix things.

yes i know if an inspection station or other authoritative figure notices it i could be in trouble there. i would need to do the fake shielding trick.

has anyone else thought of doing this. not that my manifold and cat combo is terribly expensive, but i wanted to see some feedback on this thought.
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