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Back in the US , time to lift

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Well, Im back now... I started the 2'' Body lift today, ive got the bed finished now I have to do the cab... then my headers and ex. So much stuff to do so little time haha..

Quick question, to my understanding we need 6X5.5 wheels with +12 offset, I called discount tire just to get a quote and they informed me that I need +20? Everything ive seen on here says 12.. Who knows?

Ive taken a few pics of the install so far, ill try to keep taking them for anyone who is considering a body lift...

O yea before I forget, does anyone have any tips on getting the bolt loose for the steering shaft? i tried but its not wanting to budge..

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nice to know you are back are you going to the wildlife hearing today?
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Nah man im in wilmington.. I would go man but im going to the meeting down this way so that I can tell them why it is ignorant to stop dog hunting on game lands...anyway...i like the run into a tree mod you did to your truck...haha..

Alec PM me with your dads number i need to talk to him please

EDIT: Just FYI I ordered my 3 '' suspension lift here in a couple weeks or so ill be installing that too... Man i cant wait
yeah i want a shrock but cant afford it im going to figure out something about the bumper lol or i may dump my truck off with eddy when he gets his lisence and let him fix it and get a newer fronty lol
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