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Back in the saddle....

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So I drove a standard cab Tacoma/Pickup for 10 yrs. My wife and I found out that there would be a new addition to the family so we decided to say "so long" to my little buddy. I traded it in for a safe, reliable Honda Element(along with any manhood I had left) and set off into the golden sunset of which they call "family life". After about 2 months I was thinking to myself "I gotta take out two seats just to fit a sheet of plywood in there? Wha!?" or "Why does it feel like I'm driving a mashed potato?" all the while watching mountains of boxes and trash pile up in my garage. What was I to do? Fill up a friends tank just so I could go spend $40 at the dump? No way. I finally got the "fine, then go get one(truck)" from my wife and the search was on. Of course I looked at all kinds of Tacoma's being (what I thought) a loyal customer. But then, bang, here comes another baby. 8 weeks prego. Changed everything. Before, I could've packed my little guy in an extended cab and sent the wife off in her "brick" to family car bliss, but now I had to plan for a #2. I tried to figure out a way to cram 2 turds into an extended/king cab but with no luck. "Couldn't I just sit my 2yr old in the fold down seats?" Apparently kids these days need car/booster seats as well as helmets/knee pads/mouth guards/face guards/bubbles, etc. to keep them safe. Kidding! I care about my family's safety. I needed a Crew Cab.

So I have a buddy who's got an '01 Frontier SC and asked him how he likes it. His reply "I can run through a 4' snow drift now problem". So I decided to check them out. At first I was looking at 02-03 Crew Cab's and test drove a few. Solid feel but a bit sluggish on the "gas it & go" Then I saw an '05 black NISMO Crew Cab with a canopy on just a few miles from my house and got all excited. First thing the next morning, I dropped off the kid at G-ma's and rushed down there. They gave me the keys for a test drive and it was game over. The first thing I noticed was how solid it felt, almost like it was giving me a hug around every corner and bump. And it has the power to get you going when you press it down. Enough space for my growing family and capable enough to take it to the National Forest and beat it up? How could I resist? I had to have it, so I traded in the little 04 hybrid civic that we had (42mpg compared to 15-19mpg with the Frontier, I bet my wife pukes in her mouth a little bit when she finds out:) ) and haven't looked back since. I am a happy man again.

So, during all my research on the Nissan Frontier, I stumbled across Great site, great info and great people. I love the Frontier I just bought and I'm excited for what it could become.

Thanks for having me,
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You found the best site on this side of the galaxy for Frontier owners.
Welcome aboard!
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