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Back in a frontier

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After a few years driving my custom ordered mustang, (moved to NJ) it was time to part ways and get another truck. Loved my car, but it didn't haul my bikes, and handled like a hockey puck on the snow. The choice, when i switched, was easy. Having owned a first gen frontier in the past, i knew going back to Nissan was the right move. Now in a 06 Frontier Crewcab 4x4. Less than a week, and I've already pulled the disgusting factory radio, replaced with Pioneer head, Sirius Sport 5, and TomTom. Next up, a FM 40 and DIY CAI so she can breathe better. Looking forward to enjoying my time here.:hi:
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Welcome to the club!
Welcome! Where in New Jersey are you?

Jackson. Right smack in the middle of The People's Republic of New Jersey, or as I less than affectionately refer to it, the occupied state of . . .:puke:
Go with 40 DeltaFlow, sounds awesome :p
Welcome to CF
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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