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Bachelor Run V ('10)

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I am not going to lie but it was a cold one this time with lows of 12 on friday night and a low of 17 on saturday night with highs of about 35 during the day but all in all we had a great time

My Pics Run V/?albumview=slideshow

Zach's pics:

Jeff's pics: Jan 9 2010/?albumview=slideshow

Mudman (Jim)

Mud Man

more video and pics here (NTR) • View topic - BRV Barnwell Jan 2010 Run Pics
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man awesome pics looks like a hell of a time:fantastic:looks like some bada$$ trails did anyone get any body damage ??
WOW Holly S%#T BALLS..... Looks like fun and some crazy trails.........
Looks like a good few days of wheelin!
man awesome pics looks like a hell of a time:fantastic:looks like some bada$$ trails did anyone get any body damage ??
I am a sad to say yes there was some carnage

mike's xterra - broken tcase or front diff
eddy's xterra - exploded front diff, possibly burnt up trans (stuck in reverse)
justin's WJ - bent condenser and radiator, busted front bumper
alex - hit 3 trees trying to get around mike, so i could pull him up the trail
brook's TJ - 2 blown beads, stripped steering gear (wouldn't turn right)
zack's camp trailer - broken tongue, barely limped it home

eddy rented a uhaul truck to pull the uhaul flatbed transport hauler, to get his xterra home
holy crap. either you guys need to learn how to wheel or be more gentle on your rigs! haha i'm joking. good usage there.
DAMN IM GLAD I DIDNT GO THEN CAuse I had enough damage from last year(still need to get the door repaired). But I was going to, till it stayed freezing, kids in school(next year back to New Years please!!!!), and had to tear down a Jag engine at work that became a rush job saturday....
Good thing my truck was out of commission cause I can't afford any more damage right now! Weird that it was that cold cause I was wearing flip flops last year.

Somebody tell Jason to get off the skinny pedal!!!
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Looks like some hardcore fun. I want to make next year's trip, maybe I will remember to save up the gas to drive home from Alabama :X And get sliders and a rear bumper first, LOL
Wow, judging by the tire smoke in that pic, its no wonder yall broke so much stuff on the trucks!
Looks like you guys had a good time. Turnout looks way down from last year. Must have been the weather. Count me down for next year for sure :)

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