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I just got finished installing a B&M Transmission Cooler in my 2000 Frontier Crew Cab and I thought I'd share some pics. I selected B&M because the design has internal baffling which automatically bypasses the cooler in cold weather based on fluid viscosity, it was compact, and it didn't look like some of the others which were just a S shape tube with fins on it. I went with the 70255 kit which measures 5 3/4" X 11" X 3/4" and is rated at 9,800 BTUs. I think that I could've gone with the larger 70268 kit at 7 3/4" X 11" X 3/4" and 13,000 BTUs but the 70255 turned out to be more than adequate. I got the kit from for $46.75 and since I got it from Amazon and it was over $25, it qualified for free Super Saver Shipping.

I also liked the parts kit that came with the cooler. I didn't want to use plastic ties to mount the cooler to the condensor and the B&M kit came with metal straps and an assortment of screws, nuts, bolts, fittings, clamps and 4 feet of hose.

The first step is to get the grill off. The top fasteners were easy. On the bottom clips I used a pair of 90 degree needle nose pliers to hook directly behind the clips and gently separate the clips. The grill is plastic so I had to be real careful. There are five clips, two each on the left and right plus one in the center.

The bottom of the radiator support conveniently had holes pre drilled so I used them for mounting the brackets with a couple of lag bolts that came with the kit. The order is to do the bottom mounts first so that you can have proper alignment when drilling the holes for the top mounts.

Here's a pic of the lag bolt and bracket, just the right size too.

After attaching the brackets and cooler I used the holes in the top bracket to mark the spot to drill the top mounting holes. I got a couple of 1/4 X 3/4 inch nuts and bolts from the hardware store for the top mounting bolts. Anything larger than 3/4 inch won't fit when inserting the bolt from behind the radiator support. BTW, the kit came with 4 1/4 X 1 inch nuts and bolts.

I had to fiddle around with the horn to get it out of the way of the cooler. I ended up reversing the bracket and bending and rotating it until it fit. I also used a spacer bolt on the top right cooler bracket just to make the cooler parallel with the condensor.

The kit came supplied with 4 feet of cooler line which was barely enough. I cut one of the lines a little longer than it had to be and consequently the second line was just a tad short but still acceptable. I used B&M's hose clamps to attach the hoses to the existing couplings. The cooler was mounted after the radiator cooler per B&M's instructions. It's pretty easy to find the return line. B&M instructions were to let the transmission heat up and then feel the lines. The line that's cooler is the return line. I also got some oversize coolant hose to slip over the transmission lines as they passed under the radiator support just to prevent any chafing.

The last tricky part was putting the grill back on. The top clips have to be taken out of the radiator support and pre fastened to the radiator grill. I also put some silicone grease on the bottom clips to make removal easier just in case I have to take the stupid grill off again.

The steel brackets make a real sturdy support. The only way the cooler is going to move is if there's an accident. There was about a 30 degree drop in transmission temperature as measured by my infra red thermometer. The Temperatures on the two lines went from 185/164 degrees to 154/141 degrees after the cooler install. The transmission took about 1/4 quart of additional fluid to compensate for the cooler. It took me about 6 or 7 hours to do the install but a lot of the time was spent figuring out how to remove and install the grill without breaking it. After I install my trailer hitch I'll be ready to do some towing without worrying about the transmission overheating.
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