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Axle swaps stuff

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I currently have 09 SE 4x4, i want a locker. My cousin said i may be able to install a dana axel but I dont believe i am able to.
Also should i put 35's on? i know ill have to do a gear change.
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Start reading man. I mean that in the nicest way haha! There are a lot of things at play if you want 35's and a locker. For just the rear end, I'd probably look into an axle swap to the M226 with 3.36 gears and either regear now or later. Whatever you do out back with gearing you will have to do up front. If it was my truck, I'd go titan swap and put the m226 in the rear and m205 up front and regear both at the same time and only fuss with it once. This would get you the gearing for 35's, the suspension lift to clear that tire/make things worth while and it will be the most reliable setup.

I'm currently in the same dilemma as I have a c200k rear and want to do it as cost effective as possible. I've thought about 35's and that would require quite a bit of cash to accomplish, however i've learned if I want them now, I'd best save and do it all the right way once to save on multiple installs later (ask me how I know, I've redone my suspension twice now and I still want to titan swap...)
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