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Axle swaps stuff

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I currently have 09 SE 4x4, i want a locker. My cousin said i may be able to install a dana axel but I dont believe i am able to.
Also should i put 35's on? i know ill have to do a gear change.
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I have the auto, currently have a limited slip diff, that kicks on when I usually sliding around in the mud. I want lockers, dont mind if they are electric or manual.
i was thinking of going to 33s, with a 3" suspension lift and 5100 2-3" bilstiens. my cousin keeps saying that i should get a dana 44 or dana series axels. though he has jeep so doesnt know the struggles of a nissan. He mentioned he was going up to 37s and asked if i wanted his 35s. so i figured why not ask and see what it all intales, ive been researching this one for a few weeks now. I know its going to cost me around $2000 for lift, tyers, and shocks. I got family that are mechanic savvy and can help with the labor.
4x4 as it says in my original post.
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