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Axle swaps stuff

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I currently have 09 SE 4x4, i want a locker. My cousin said i may be able to install a dana axel but I dont believe i am able to.
Also should i put 35's on? i know ill have to do a gear change.
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Auto or manual? Manual of your truck will have the m226 which is a modified Dana 40. Auto will have the c200k which is far more limited in locker options.
I have the auto, currently have a limited slip diff, that kicks on when I usually sliding around in the mud. I want lockers, dont mind if they are electric or manual.
Unless you put in a limited slip carrier, you have an open diff. Nissan never offered a limited slip rear end on 2nd gens. What you are feeling is the ABLS (Antilock Braking Limited Slip) and traction control nannies kicking in. This uses the brakes to control wheel spin at each wheel.

Since you have the c200k, that leaves:
-ARB Air locker (expensive)
-Spartan auto locker
-1-2 others

If you want to go 35"s you have a lot of work ahead of you. Why not just go 33"s? Cost is significantly less and the they will get you through pretty much anything you would actually want to take a truck this large through.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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