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axel fell out!!!

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hey guys the passenger side of the rear axel just fell out today(****) i'll post pics a bit later i would like input on what could have caused it and what i should look at first before i just go and get a new rear end! i would like input when i get the pics up to know if she is salvage able or just go for a new or used one
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what do you mean ? an axle shaft fell out? or did the entire axle come loose from under the truck
ill post picks tomorow of what she looks like to show ya what i mean and yeah i really mean the axel in the pasenger rear actually came out, the rear end it self is ok and in place i think that the internals are f#<ke& to i gotta tear her apart to see how bad she is i'll post pics of that to when i get to it monday the slpin is chewed to f#<k and the bearing is blown to s#!t
i gotta see this
i bet he means his tire and shaft assembly came loose and gave way.
its a semi float, theres not much holding it in, and when it quits, you find out fast. post up some pics. should be a relatively easy fix.
yeah the tires and shaft is what gave out and fell out while driveing nothing else looks touched i'll post pics when i get off work around 6 or so tonight so probly like 4 hours
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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