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autovation = WTF!

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hey all,

wasn't sure where to post this so i put it here!

this goes out to anyone who ordered a pedal set from autovation - how long was your wait for them?

i just looked and was billed on FEB 16th and STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED THEM!

i have just sent my 3rd email to them, the last 2 were never replied to and they do not have a phone number listed on their website!

any info would be appreciated

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OK - 3rd email has not been responded to ! have to call my bank this morning (i used my debit card) and file a claim

not a ton of money but $120 is still $120
guess i can post this as a BUYER BEWARE!

called my bank to file a claim and started that process!

i have also sent them a FOURTH email, since my other 3 were not replied to, stating the fact that i have filed - lets see if they respond to that one!

i like how their site doesnt have a contact number - email only :wtf:

should i contact the BBB also ?
just received an email from them FINALLY:

Hi Scott,

First, I apologize for my delayed response. I just received your e-mail from Friday, we were off over the Easter weekend. Also, please send all e-mails to me directly at [email protected] and I can respond quicker as well. Your pedal set was sent to our anodizer (we do not have the facilities to do this process in house) the week before our break. I apologize for the delay and have refunded your shipping costs ( $18 ) in addition to contacting our anodizer to expedite your order as quickly as possible. We typically anodize in batches and I have requested them to bump your order up and do it individually and we would cover the additional costs. We want to do what it takes to make you a satisfied customer, please let me know if there is anything else that we can do.

Thank you,

Anthony Hensley
AutoVation Technologies, Inc.
AutoVation Technologies, Inc.

took them long enough - almost 2 months and 4 emails :censor:
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yup - it all my fault, how dare i want something different :laugh:

still shouldnt take 2 months and 4 emails to get the stuff i want

had the same issues as others on here with shrockworks - why cant companies that we do business with explain either on their site or when we order that certain items, mods or whatever take an extended time to get done instead of leaving us hanging!

i used to do business with at billet company when i had my 07 Charger and if there was a delay i would either receive an email or phone call EVERY week as to what the status is - best company i EVER dealt with
FINALLY i got an email from them with a tracking number - its about F'N time since i ordered them on Feb 16th :censor:

these better be worth the wait or i am gonna be just overly p*ssed off
will keep you posted and put up pics when i get them!

only thing - be prepared to wait over 2 months like i am so far :censor:
Finally got me pedals in the mail yesterday - only 2 1/2 months of waiting !

alot lighter then i thought they would be (figured the same weight as those tuner pedals you see in parts stores)

the instructions seem fairly straight forwaard , they say 90 min to install, but what i find weird is they say to super glue them to the actual pedals = WTF ?

i will post pics when i get them on - probably tomorrow night
YUP - you take off the rubber covers and then drill through and bolt them on to the REAL pedal !

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