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autovation = WTF!

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hey all,

wasn't sure where to post this so i put it here!

this goes out to anyone who ordered a pedal set from autovation - how long was your wait for them?

i just looked and was billed on FEB 16th and STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED THEM!

i have just sent my 3rd email to them, the last 2 were never replied to and they do not have a phone number listed on their website!

any info would be appreciated

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yup - it all my fault, how dare i want something different :laugh:

still shouldnt take 2 months and 4 emails to get the stuff i want

had the same issues as others on here with shrockworks - why cant companies that we do business with explain either on their site or when we order that certain items, mods or whatever take an extended time to get done instead of leaving us hanging!

i used to do business with at billet company when i had my 07 Charger and if there was a delay i would either receive an email or phone call EVERY week as to what the status is - best company i EVER dealt with
unfornatly. that is how these companies think.. Most fabricators will take 3 time the time promised. I'm having my stuff anodized myself so they will all match..
well most of these companies don;t make them until you order it.
yeah, I know shrockworks makes everything to order.. I found it best to call before you order and see how back logged they are. When i ordered his estimate of 2 months was spot on.. then no surprises.
yeah tell me how they turn out.. I would love to run these..
1 - 7 of 26 Posts
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