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Auto trans to Manual Trans - Thoughts?

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I hate my automatic slush box with a passion. It shifts slow and chunky. I don't care about that little bit of towing power or anything else. I miss my stick shift and I want it back. So I'm seeing if anyone else has managed this and their thoughts on the 4x4 with a manual trans?

Parts check list (help if you can)
Clutch Pedal (with slave cylinder) and Hard lines
Flywheel, Clutch, and Transmission

Driveshaft. Is it different?
ECU. Is it different?
Wiring Harness different?
Throwout bearing same?

I did this swap on my 240sx a long time ago. It wasn't too hard. Just curious! Not going to do it anytime soon!
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did it on mine, but everything from the bell housing back need to be replaced (including DS)

also, the wiring is different as well

not worth it on your newer truck, sell it and buy a manual
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