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Hey Guys,
I am new here and as of about 4 weeks ago I bought a really nice 2010 Frontier Pro-4X with about 72,xxx original miles on it. I have a travel trailer that I will be occasionally towing that is well within limits for the truck. However I am worried about this impending doom waiting for the radiator / transmission cooler leak. I am thinking about bypassing the radiator cooler connection as others on here have mentioned.
But, since I will be towing a trailer from time to time I do not want the tranny to over heat. So, what if I flush the transmission and fill it with synthetic fluid and install an additional transmission cooler?
I have an after market cooler that is I think about 9x12 or so.
I also bought a used Super Chips tuner. It is the older version that does allow full throttle. I am going to try it with the tow mode.
I would appreciate your thoughts on this!
thanks in advance ,
Tony P
Monroe, NC
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