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auto headlights

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has anyone figured out how to decrease the time the lights stay on after the key is turned off,(and they come on before it starts,my father always said not to start it with the lights on,it creates more drain on the battery)
maybe thats why i will be looking for a new die hard will be 4 years old in july
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unless its dark outside the lights shouldnt be on when you start the truck. i dont use it so im not sure but i thought there was a delay between starting the truck and the auto lights coming on.
they come right on when the key is turned to on,and stay on for like 2 minutes after its off
If it was a genuine concern the truck wouldn't be built that way. I've had that feature on a few vehicles anfd for whatever reason I've never used it.
Just drive the truck and enjoy it.

Yep i guess,its not really a problem,gonna start searching for a new batt,i was doing a radio install yesterday and i killed it within 10 min,put it on a 2 amp over night charge last night,started right up this morn.:noworries:
If you dont want the headlights on, turn the knob to off. It's really not an issue though. They dont stay on long enough to effect the life of the battery. I think the problem is you(and me lol) have a stock Nissan battery. Well, that and you live in Taxachusetts lol
:crikey:thanks for the info,taxachusetts,nissan battery,i"ll deal with it
Im quite sure all the electronics that fire up when the key is turned on is as much of a drain as the lights. batteries like everything else have improved over the years. especially when the 6 volt systems went away.
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