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Audio Inputs?

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This is my first post here and I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is any audio inputs on a 06? I want to connect my iPod to it rather then using my iroadmate.
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Here is the answer to hook up to 2 aux ports!! It costs about $75 to $100 and you have to have a satellite ready radio. Unfortunatly, I've looked at about every online store that may carry this and they are all sold out. :evil: Also, if you use it for the Ipod you will need to get an adapter for the Ipod to hook into an aux port! This does not work if you already have the satellite tuner installed!!
I don't have the Rockford Fosgate system but just the upgraded 6-disc changer/MP3 player and I know it is satellite ready.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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