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Auburn Max Locker

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Alright guys I need help...

I was looking on AutoAnything and I got into the differential parts and at the top it caught my eye cause it said these are recommended for your Nissan and it had an Auburn Max Locker on it. But i know that ARB was really the only for 1st gens but i went and looked and it gave me an option for a 2002 so know im confused and am wondering more about or if anyone has any information on it. If its good is a full time locker or what. So let me know or if your curious also!

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Are you looking for a positraction rear? I think for that, your best option is finding a Nissan posi rear in a junkyard and swapping it in. I know enough to be dangerous here, but I don't think there are any options other than the ARB for a true locker for a 1st-Gen. And that is only good if you are stuck stuck, not highway driving.
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