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ATV/UTV: Gladiator X-Comp ATR | Performance Guaranteed

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The Gladiator X Comp ATR is the newest addition to the Gladiator UTV tire line up!

The side by side machines have become bigger and badder over the last 5 years; UTV tire makers have also made great strides to make a tire that can stand up to the advances in horsepower and suspension. Gladiator has answered with their latest addition.

Gladiator X-Comp ATR

Click here for online: Gladiator X Comp ATR Availability & Pricing

Also available in store by special order HERE


  • Aggressive is an Understatement. This tire is a brute!

  • The tread area has two full steel belts and two full nylon belts. The result is a very stable tread and shoulder area for aggressive and proven performance.

  • X Comp M/T ATR tires are designed with two ply sidewalls for maximum felxibility and contact.

  • 10 Ply Radial Design for Optimal Ride Comfort & Puncture Resistance.

  • The end result is a tire that is strong, stable, durable and surprisingly quiet

  • Enthusiasts approved, race proven!


Also available in popular truck/SUV fitments.

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With Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks approaching soon I thought it would be a good time to reflect back on how the new Gladiator X-Comp ATR tires performed.

In May of last year, I installed a prototype set of 30/10R-14 Gladiator X-Comp ATR 10 ply rated tires just in time for the 2017 Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks in Moab, UT. First look at the tire was very impressive. They mirror the look of an aggressive truck LT tire with an outstanding sidewall. First thing I did was put it on a scale to see what they weighed. The weight came in at a whopping 46 pounds. It is on the heavy side but, the tread pattern is awesome and they have a 3 ply rated sidewall. This should be one of the toughest sidewalls in the business. I also measured the circumference of the tire before mounting them on my machine. They measured just over 30 inches tall. Let's see how they performed.

On my first day in Moab, we had some time to go hit Fin’s—N-Things trail for a short ride. I was told to run 15 to 17 PSI but that was just was too much pressure for a UTV tire in my opinion. I set them at 12 PSI to see how they felt. I definitely could feel the weight with my stock clutch set up but it wasn’t terrible. I just needed to make sure I was in low whenever it was needed so as not to overstress the belt. Within the first couple of steep slick rock sections, I could feel the traction difference over my previous tire. There was no tire slip what so ever and I had no problem slow crawling up the steep slick rock. My Wildcat felt so comfortable I took all the hard lines I could find with ease.

I have to say I love the look of the tire tread and sidewall. I can see the meaty sidewall being a benefit when rock crawling in loose boulders as they would not only help provide extra grip with the deep side lugs but they would also help protect the tire. The extra deep rim guard is another added benefit to help protect the lip of the wheels. Rock crawling happens to be my favorite activity which is a bonus living in the deserts of Arizona.

The next day, we had a half day without any rides early on so a few of us decided to go see if we could get into some snow in the LaSalle Mountains. It just so happened, we choose the right day as it was raining when we left. Within 30 minutes we were on a trail that had over a foot or more of snow in some places on a heavily wooded trail. There were a couple of times my forward progress was stopped by the snow on the trail, but with a bit of wheel speed, I was able to dig down to the dirt and get traction.

Over the next week at the Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks, I punished the tires in extreme rock crawling conditions along with a few fast whoop and rock sections. At 12 pounds of pressure, the tires stuck like Velcro to the rocks. I went up all the hard lines with confidence and ease because of the traction. There was no tire slipping or squirm. They just flat stuck where ever I put them. They are without a doubt the best all-around tire I have used to date.

The biggest traction test was the last day on Hell's Revenge trail at Devils Hot Tub. I thought I would see how the tires would hold back my side by side going down the almost verticle wall. As I looked over the edge, into the hole, there was a side by side on its side in the bottom of the oily water. I initially had second thoughts but was confident the tires would stick to the rock wall to control my descent.

The Gladiator X-Comp ATR tires did not disappoint me in the least as they were in control the whole way to the bottom and roared out the other side.

If you are looking for a very tough and durable tire that delivers excellent traction and also rides smooth check out the 10 ply rated Gladiator X-Comp ATR.

You can purchase them online at Discount Tire Direct:

Gladiator X Comp ATR Availability & Pricing

Or at your local Discount Tire/America's Tire Store:

Also available in store by special order HERE

Now available in 28/10R-14, 30x10R-14, 32/10R-14, and 32/10R-15 sizes

Look for a long-term review in the near future as I continue to punish these tires.

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New review and additional sizes added to post #2 - check it out!
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