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The Journey Heat tire combination from Vision delivers predictable handling and control that UTV drivers demand from their sand tires. Whether cruising down sand highway or tackling competition hill, the durable 6-ply rated Journey Heat will get you to and from camp with confidence. Couple this tire combination with either the *Vision 551 or *Method Mesh in 14x8 and 14x10 sizing for exhilarating sand dune performance!

Click here for: Journey Heat Availability and Pricing


  • Durable 6-ply rated carcass
  • Nine(9) 3/4" reinforced paddles deliver optimal flotation and stability
  • Low operating pressure for improved flex and comfort
  • Off-center dual ribs provide added down force that hold tight when turning at high speeds
  • Fits popular 14x8 and 14x10 wheel sizes


*only in specific bolt patterns
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