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Attention to who bought 9007 HID projector retrofit wiring kit

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Just a note to you guys, who had me doing the retrofit headlight and purchased the wiring kit from The wiring, fuse box, and plug seem very easy to get corroded. I found out on mine last night that the 20A fuse box was losing contact caused by corrosion and the plug was also loose. It is best to have all the contacts greased before installation.

Thought that I would pass this out before you run into problems like mine.
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How long have you been using the harness?

I'm really torn between using the harness from TRS or just making my own.
It's like a year now (give or take).

IMO, if you have the knowledge of how to make the wiring kit, make it your own.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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