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Happy Monday, all.

I have a 1999 Nissan Frontier, 2.4L (KA24DE) 2WD, ~225k miles. She's been a tank, and I try to do all my own maintenance and repairs, which has been so far successful. Today I may have met my match.

The motor mounts need replacement, nothing too bad. Removing and replacing the driver's side mount was a breeze, and took all of about 35 minutes - it's directly accessible from a wide opening in the engine bay. The passenger side, however, has me puzzled.

Looking from the top of the engine, the passenger side mount is buried under the air filter box, throttle body, and possibly the intake manifold, plus some vacuum lines. I removed the passenger side front wheel, and can get my ratchet on one of the mount's side bolts under the oil filter through the wheel well. The top bolt and opposite-side bolts are inaccessible through the wheel well, as they're blocked by the frame and front suspension. I also tried going under the frame while on jackstands, and couldn't get a hand on it from underneath, either.

Any ideas how best to approach this? Should I go in from the top and remove the air filter box and throttle body? Or is there a better way from attacking this from underneath/through the wheel well? Happy to post pictures if that would help, too.

Thanks in advance!
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