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Hey all new to the forum, recently bought a used 2013 frontier V6 4L, hoping someone has some insight for me

Started a while back on a snowy wet highway, my truck stuttered and ABS and TC lights came on, lost both systems ( also 4x4 )

Tried resettings the ECU, both manually by removing the battery ( connected leads to drain system for over 20 min ) Also found a procedure to reset by a systematic series of flooring the gas while key is in acc mode

Initially this cleared the issue for a day or two but expectedly the issue came back, Ive tried to repeat but with no luck.

Ran a scan and got codes C1109 ( Abnormal voltage ) and C1102 Left rear Abs sensor

Performed a test on the sensor with multimeter, the sensor checked fine but the voltage to the connector was weak ( double checked both sides.

I was also due for a new Battery, temps were around -28C for 2 weeks and start up was rough so I installed a new one.

Also I thought Id check for recalls and there was and ECU update needed for airbags, had the dealer do a diagnostics while I was there, all they did was confirm what I knew, sensor was fine power to the connector was weak. I opted to not have them dig deeper as its the dealership and their shop rates are crazy! Worst case if I can't find the issue I'll take to my guy

Since it was so cold and I don't have a heated garage this was all put on hold for a few days when low and behold out of no where the whole system comes back online and stays that way for about 2 weeks.

Well its back now, Ive chased the wire all the way through the undercarriage up to the ABS actuator but its impossible to see if there's a short because those wires are in a super channel of a bunch of other wires. Any exposed wires near either end seem fine.

Finally found a diagram for the harness and I'm going to try probe to see if that can reveal anything.

Anyone have this problem and could suggest something I can try, giving myself one more go at this before I tap out and take it to the shop

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The sensors are not like the older ABS sensors Nissan used, FYI. The proper way to test them is using a tester made by Kent-Moore tools which is really expensive and was force-shipped to Nissan and Infiniti dealers. I wouldn't recommend probing the harness; a better way would be to unplug the circuit at both ends and confirm continuity with minimal resistance in the circuit and no continuity to ground. Better yet, look up the diagnostic procedure for C1109 and C1102 in the factory service manual and follow that. Nico Club has free-to-use FSM at their site:

I have seen and heard of a number of faulty ABS control unit/actuator assemblies on D40 Frontiers and R51 Pathfinders.
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