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Damn those discounts!!! According to Rigid online.... Its $699 just for the grill itself WITHOUT the led bar.... sigh

The $699 grille is for Titans, the Frontier version is only $450. That truck does look beast though, I’ve been contemplating getting that same grille for a while but always seem to end up buying something else.

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any pics OP with all your lights on at night? would be cool to see what it looks like down the road with just the leds, and then driving and leds

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It was going to be the hefty bumper but i probably will do the supercharger next. that will be the next big mod but i may end up doing the projector retrofits as i am running HID's right now before the supercharger.

I love the ride, the truck rides like a sports car now. I think it actually rides better now to be honest. The only time you really notice stiffness is when you hit a big hole or dip and the front end just comes down hard enough for you to notice it. other than that it is great all around.My 5100's are at 2 and i have a 1.5"AAL in the rear and they are settling in a feels slightly softer now.

I think it is a great setup and the best part is that it maintains factory warranty and no CB contact. Truck sits levelled too!
Hello. How would your wheel set up do in mild to moderate 4x4 beach riding and or light to moderate snow? On the fence whether to go from 16" stock to 18" KMC or Fuel. I ride mostly street with pot holes here in South Jersey, snows a bit in Feb and fall and winter and early spring beach riding. Your truck looks siiiick.

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So i have decided to start a build thread for my truck even though i am not doing anything extreme to it, but mainly to help gives others an idea of what i have done and remind me as well as what i have done to it.

Some info on the truck
year: 2015
Model: Frontier
Trim: Pro-4x
Package: Luxury
Color: Super Black

Interior Mods:
Valentine one Hard wired
Interior LED lighting kit
WeatherTech all weather floor matts
Limo Window Tint

Full LED conversion kit for headlights
Trailer Hitch w/ Monster Hook
Carbon Fiber shorty Antenna
Rigid D2 Dually Wides & Driving Aux Lights
Rigid Grill with 10 Inch Hyperspot
Rigid SAE fog lights

RC 6 Inch Drop Bracket Lift
Radflo 2.5 inch extend Travel Coilovers (600lbs spring)
SPC upper control arm
Fabtech stealth Rear shocks
4 Inch block.
AAL springs.
Radflo 2.0 Coil overs with eibach 600ls springs + 1/2 inch top plate (Previous)
Bilstein 5125 (Previous)
Rubicon 2.5"leaf retainer clips
Bilstein 5100 series all around (set at 2") (Previous)
PRG AAL 1.5" (Previous)

Wheels and Tires:

KMC Heist 18x9 +30mm
Bora 2 inch hub centric spacers.
Nitto Terra Grappler G2 265/70R18 (Previous)
Nitto Ridge Grappler 285/75/18

AEM Cold air intake
Magnaflow Y Pipe

Next on the list:

Stillen Supercharger kit
Dual Exhaust + Headers
Hefty Fab Bumper
This things it’s super sick, how are the rear shocks ? Looking to get some for mine .
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