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Are new shocks needed with 4x4parts AAL?

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I'm thinking of getting some AAL for added lift, but will I have to replace the shocks? I have cheap Autozone shocks that are only 6months old and don't want to replace them so soon.

Also, the item description says 2.5" lift with the AAL, is that accurate. And, I know I can crank the torsion bars for the 2" needed to level my truck out, but will I also need new shocks for the front?
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If you dont change shackles or UCAs you do not need new shocks.
you'll need new shocks in the rear if you add an AAL to it. you'll be maxing out the stock shocks at ride height.
I had stock length on me rear with aals...? That's how it was installed by an offroad shop when I first lifted it.
You do not have to get new shocks but I would recommend to buy some for a 3 inch lift in the near future.
^^ Adequate performance with shocks working in their proper range of motion rather than at the very end of it, for the rear. I do not know it lift shocks on the front will bottom out before you hit the bumpstops.
So I may or may not need shocks, I may just bottom out the shock going over speed bumps? I don't do any off roading nor plan to. I don't plan on lifting anymore than the AALs, b/c I would have to get new tires to make it look right, and that isn't for me really. I use my truck as my daily and love it in its stock form, but would like to even out the front and rear, the rear being slightly lower than the front. This way, I do the AAL and only have to tq up the front 1.5" or so to get it slightly higher in the rear.

Side note, I do offroading alot actually, but its on my dirtbike. I have an 05' CRF450R all tricked out for trail riding. I can go places only donkeys can go, and pretty dam fast. Only sucks when you fall. Right now i'm sorta injured, I scraped up my knee pretty bad when I fell off doing standing wheelies. It is soo much cheaper to do off roading on an atv or dirt bike. Gas and parts are way cheaper if anything breaks.

The atv I use to have and the terrain I ride currently.

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^ looks a lot better without the grille guard thing.
I remember when I said, "all I have to do is crank the torsion bars 1.5 inches"
Then came having to re-index them just to get to 1.5".
All I can say is do the front first to make sure you can even get 1.5" out of the front properly.
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