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Anyone turbo?

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I have a fresh rebuilt turbo just laying around and I was considering rear mounting it. Anyone done it?? How did it turn out?
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dude if you are gunna turbo the truck, go all out! you can get 35-40 hp with bolt ons and tires n/a. you might already know this but boost is addictive. you will get tired of it. i was running 5lbs and making about 360hp to the wheels. that was alot of fun as i was spanking mustangs cameros and 350z's. but i wanted to go a bit more. thats just the nature of the beast. so i got tuned for 9 lbs. now im making 430 to the wheels and im running with corvettes and other modded sports cars, out of a v6 suv! these motors can take an *** beating! i figure im putting out about 500 from the crank. or close to. and i think thats the limit. i have yet to here even a ping or missfire. pretty remarkable if you ask me. imo rear mounted turbos(when done right) can offer the most hp per pound of boost. for instance im making around 10 lbs and pushing 430hp. thats 204 hp over my base stock tune. so that means im making about 20.4 hp per pound of boost. pretty memarkable if you ask me. then lets take the stillen super charger which is rated at 310 hp to the wheels. if that and if im not mistaken it makes 7 lbs of boost unmodded. so that would be 84 hp over stock. so that is about 12 lb per pound of boost. thats just something to consider. and since i made my own kit (fabrication and design). i saved a good amount. just something to consider

how's the trans holding up, any shifting problems? that's my only fear when it comes to boost.
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