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Anyone running maxxis bighorn/buckshot tires??

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Well im going to be getting some new tires soon and was wondering if anyone was running these and what they thought. There are not to many tires to pick from on the Island and most are $$$$$. So these cost less then most.

MT-762 Bighorn
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Sorry to bring this thread back, can anyone vouch for these tires on the road that is snow covered?? Also has anyone had these AFTER owning either a BFG M/T or Goodyear MT/R to compare road noise?? On past jeeps i've built up, i've owned Super Swamper Trxus M/T, Mickey Thompson MTZ's, Kumho M/T's, BFG KM2's, and Goodyear MT/R with Kevlar. So far the goodyear was quietest but i would like to save a little $$$ and the bighorn is right up my alley price wise.
Good to hear, we're about to get hit hard with 12-18" up here in CT...wish i had them on the truck.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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