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anyone running 31" tires

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anyone running 31" tires on stock suspension?
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Re: Tires...

04XEV6CCLB said:
Here's a good site for calculating tire sizes:

I'm upgrading to 31" Revo's myself prior to winter. I had a '95 KC w/ 31's and only had minor rubbing lock to lock so I'd have to imagin that they'll fit the newer PU's stock 4X4 suspension. I'm unsure about the 4X2's cuz I'd never own one. I'm thinking about a 2" lift (Coil spring lift "Front" and blocks in the back) but don't know how that will change anything else or if it's a good idea to do it that way. I'm not looking for off road capability, just a height adjustment. Good luck.
Do not lift the back with blocks. It will give you axle wrap. For looks get a body lift or the coil spring in the front and an AAL(Add-A-Leaf) in the back.
Yes shackles will make your spring pack go flat. An AAL will also make your truck's bed holding ability increase. You shouldnt have much axle wrap from one. Maby there is something else bad? What AAL did you get?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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