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Anyone know where I can get this light bar?

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I saw this in an equator brochure and I really like it, if we could find it, it should work on frontiers too.

Unfortunately it is probably a concept only item, and even if you could find it, it probably wouldnt fit the 6' bed.
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Yeah, i know it looks like the honda bed, but i like it.
Thats about $600 in LED lights alone, depending on what brand they are.
It looks like a black-painted model of the one on 4x4parts
Do you have a link? I didnt see it there.
Damm I just want the LEDs
we cant legally run driving lights above 1.5 ( 5 feet) so driving lights up that high arent legal. However I know noone here would pick those leds as driving lights
Well you cant run lights like that here either...but they are legal if they are covered during highway dont have a similar law?
Nah our is nothing above the 5 foot mark at all as far as driving lights .
I found those lights well similar and wow they are pricey
XMITTER 42" Double Stack LED Light Bar
sorry bro, here's the closest i could find,

more info: freestlye hardtop
fresstyle hardcover
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^EEEW^ lol....yea i didnt think it was a production piece, but thanks everyone who looked!
check suzuki dealer. if it was an option for the equator, they might have one
check suzuki dealer. if it was an option for the equator, they might have one
I looked on their accessories website and didnt see it. I think it is just a custom piece for that one truck. :(
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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